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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

White Terrorism

This man was a dad and grandfather . He was a doctor who provided fertility treatments for folks , went to church , and had a pretty normal day-to-day life . He also provided abortions , often late-term ones for mentally handicapped people and extremely young girls who didn't know they were pregnant , because he believed in the right to options for those who had doors closed on them , and continued to do so despite being terrorized and shot by so-called right-to-lifers . He was demonized in the media as well , with such luminaries as Bill O'Reilly warning George to stop . He was featured on no fewer than 2 dozen episodes of O'Reilly's program where Bill even threatened "Tiller the Baby Killer's " life .
And , then someone decided to take his life after stalking him for years . Talk about premeditation .

Now , of course , abortion is a hot-button topic , but that's not really what this is about . This is about a psuedo-religious mob mentality that murders people for doing their jobs and living their lives . These people have also been known to kill nurses , students , women who have had the procedures , and anyone who steps in their way . These very same people have bombed synagogues , picketed funerals of those they see as "hellbound" , attacked muslims , gays , and anyone they see as unfit for life .

They distrust their own God so much that they insist on carrying out their own brand of justice , in case the Big Guy doesn't get around to doing it as quickly as they would like , and you and I could be next . Take a kid into a clinic for an STD test and they could see you as an evil force that must be stopped . These delusional individuals and groups use the guise of religion to justify what is truly terroism at it's most grotesque , yet are the same folks quick to call the old Arab guy down the road into CSIS or the FBI because he fits the xenophobic stereotype of what a villain is supposed to be . These people will not stop unless we invoke the most severe anti-terroism laws that we have on the books - it absolutely sucks because nobody wants to deprive someone of freedoms they were born with but is a neccessary precaution against homegrown freakshows like American Timothy McVeigh and Canadian James Kopp .
White terrorism is out in the open - you can run and hide and pray to the Almighty Bill O'Reilly but regular folks will pull you out of your closets before you ruin the free world .

Here's some of O'Reilly's inflammatory rhetoric if you absolutely must

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  1. Oxymoron: Pro-lifer kills abortionist.

    I have issues with what this doctor did, but absolutely agree that this murder was a terrorist act. The extreme "pro-life" activists have, for years, stalked, attacked, maimed, and killed many through their bombings, and shootings.
    Here in Florida we executed a guy for the murder of a Dr and his security escort. It's just senseless.
    Remember Eric Rudolph? He attacked and took innocent lives not even related to abortion in his zeal to fight for the cause. How is that "pro-life".
    In my city, we have a clinic that is regularly picketed and at times the women who enter have been stalked and threatened as well.
    We, as a country must find a way to reign this kind of activity in, just as we monitor the hate groups, gangs, cults, etc., or with the increasing polarization of left vs right, we are going to see more of this activity.


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