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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sometimes We Have to Stick Our Noses Into Other's Business

Sometimes a comment left on another's blog inspires or becomes part of a new post . And this is one of those occasions .

The hostilities surrounding the Iranian election have diverted attention from the true enemies of humanity , and those evil factions are delighted .
Let's take a minute to get to know one of the despots .

The man sticking out like a sore thumb to your left is North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il and he is a scumbag of the worst kind . while South Korea is one of the freest and most prosperous nations on the planet , the North under Kim is one of the poorest and is considered to be the least democratic nation in the world . However , due to moneys earned by his slaves , kim has tested and plans to secure more nuclear weapons . Russia has been rumoured to supply Kim with technology contrary to International proliferations conventions and common sense . If this is true , why would they do it ? Well , you see , Kim Jong-Il's REAL name is Yuri Irsenovich Kim and his papa was a Soviet military commander before he took over Korea's North and launched it into hell . Kim Il-Sung was a pal of Brezhnev and theorectically distanced himself from Russia when they theoretically rejected totalitarian rule and prized son Kim Jong-Il has essentially isolated North Korea from the modern world since Daddy Despot died some years back . Kim Il-Sung was a sick fucker , but his kid is even worse , continuing the 60-plus year tradition of terrorizing his own people and expanding on it by threatening to attack modern nations as his dying legacy . But , should he not get around to it , he has 2 sons (via mistresses , no less) who are more than willing to step up to the plate , his youngest , just 25 , is said to be a carbon-copy of Papa with an even hotter head and that's just plain terrifying . Left unchecked , Kim Jong-Un could become one of the worst dictators the modern world has ever seen - those of you waiting for Papa Kim to die in the hopes of freedom for the Koreans are in La-La Land . It is our DUTY as a Global community to put an end to this filthy family's hold on terror . I'm generally against international interference in other nations's policies , but Kim Jong-Il's ACTIONS have excluded himself from the freedom to govern his people in a fashion anywhere near consistent with humanity .
While we were focussed on the Husseins and the relatively peaceful communist states , a greater evil expanded . And we will pay for our complacency sooner rather than later unless this filthy family is removed from power .
The original article and comment can be found HERE

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  1. I realize they have captured 2 of our journalists and are using them as barganing chips so they can test the nukes they're developing. Fucking sick, fucking scary.


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