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Friday, June 12, 2009

Perez - Fuck YOU!!

Okay , Mario aka Perez aka Litterbox Lavandiera makes his easy buck trashing stars , their kids , and even their pets . He leads a reprehensible cabal of trash pseudo-journalists and hijacks decent causes for the sole purpose of raising his "relevance" in our society that rewards greed and callousness more than hard work and humanity . We all know , Mario is attempting to supplant Harvey Levin and take the crown as King of the Douchebags .
He may well have accomplished that feat .

Today , Litterbox felt it was his duty to publish UNCENSORED photographs of Oscar Winner Dustin Lance Black getting lucky . Mario calls the original person who leaked the photos "cold" and then broadcasts them in his public forum . I'm not a porn peddler or scumbag , so I'm not going to post them , but let's just say , they were as explicit and personal as any can get .
Perez blames the star for for the release of intimate photos , and I'm thinking it's because he is insanely JEALOUS that someone is getting some (from a hottie to boot) and he isn't . Now , you and I have been in relationships , and , hey , photos and even videos can very well be part of the equation . How would YOU react if someone sold your most intimate moments to the highest bidder with the lowest morals? And what if someone posted them on a website readily available to children? I'm sure that any of us would be mortified , and we should be . I feel very bad for D . Lance Black . I can state with all that I know that he never wanted these images out of the private spectrum and that he is horrified that they were exposed to a youthful audience . He is a gifted artist with a private life of his choosing and he did NOTHING WRONG .

Scarez , you are the WORST . You have disseminated what could be seen as pornography to CHILDREN . You have stated rather publicly via your notes to advertisers that a fair bit of your demographic is underage and I rank you right down there with the rest of the perverts we own arms to protect our kids from . I have previously defended your right to free speech , but I am removing that endorsement . You are a vile , foul representation of the human experience and I will shed ZERO tears if someone removes you from it . At the very fucking LEAST , you should be arrested for disseminating sexual images to children and suffer the appropriate penalty . You are a foul sack of shit (all apologies to bodily fuctions) and I pray for the day that your actions meet the reaction of the courts . I would tell you to go FUCK YOURSELF , but it's apparent that that's all you can get . Even the most desperate prison sickos wouldn't touch you with their worst enemy's dick .


  1. Let´s go! UNfollow Friday @perezhilton

  2. Everyday unfollow! This was one of the most hurtful and discrminatory things he has ever done.

    I have copied his Twitter pages as he justifies the fact that it's not a matter og Gay, he won an Oscar so he was a celebrity.

    Or, I'm not Perez any way. The best was, I still have the video, If you don't want these to go public don't take pictures or videos.

    Meaning NOTHING a celebrity says or does is private in his warped ameoba sized brain.

  3. Thank you . Scarez really is the queen of homophobic mania . He has the right to be a fuckwad , just as much as we have the right to bury that last thread of credibility.

  4. Hi. Did you read this?

  5. Thank you for this post. I love you.

    I fucking hate Perez so much i wish i could punch him in the face.

  6. Great blog nailed it right on the head as usual...I saw that the California Atty. General may be looking into his website..let's hope this isn't just a rumor, but fact...I blocked him months ago after his involvement in the Miss America debacle...


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