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Thursday, June 18, 2009

WTBlueFUCK of the Weak

Donte Stallworth murdered a man and got away with it . Yet another pampered , underachieving egomaniac , he took a good man's life , but he expects you to feel pity for his "hardship" . There are all these athlete ass-kisser sites saying he took "full responsibility" for his actions which is complete and utter BULLSHIT. If he was truly responsible he would NEVER have gotten near a car! I mean , if you've seen the footage , as I have , he's not just a wee touch over - he's DRUNK ! When he figured he was gonna get a minimum of 4-to-15 , he pled NOT GUILTY and waited for some sissyass "prosecutor" to offer him the barrister's blowjob ! How is this responsible in any way??!!

I hear all this talk about dollars and what-have-you , but you gotta know where the family is from - that's Cuba , folks , where injustice is bought by the few upper-crust cats ALL the time - the payout was simply a lowball offer to avoid a major civil lawsuit. In fact , let's get to know the victim . His name is Mario Reyes .
Mario was born in Cuba shortly prior to the shitstorm caused by Guevara and Castro and managed to get out despite the lockdown and , like most Cuban refugees , managed to get to Florida . He was intelligent enough for a higher education , but eked out the typical immigrant existence of hard work and medicocre pay with the dream of sending his kid to college . He was a pretty everyday sort of dude who loved his family , Baseball , and the country that he gave over 40 years of his hard work to and was only a few years off of a well-earned retirement should he have wanted . He was walking across the street at 7 in the morning when Donte Stallworth ended his life in full view of his coworkers .
All the money in the world won't give a teenager back her daddy . Mario Reyes will never get to see his little girl graduate , he won't give her away at her wedding , he'll never meet his grandkids . He was murdered by a selfish sociopath who was not properly punished for his crime and feels little , if no , compassion for he or his suffering family .
"I will bear full burden for this for the rest of MY life" - Donte Stallworth - June 16 , 2009

Dante Stallworth killed a man with a loaded 6000-pound gun and then pissed on his grave .

Oh , and mama Stallworth , you should be fucking slapped for not teaching this man an iota of grace and bailing his ass out of the bucket . He's supposed to be 28 years old - let him off your tit already !!


  1. Drunk driving is 100% preventable, and in this guy's case he could've afforded to call a limo to pick him up. There is zero excuse for him and I have zero pity for his case.

  2. Donte Stallworth
    Jim Leyritz
    Jayson Williams
    Rae Carruth
    Ray Lewis
    OJ Simpson

    And of course Vick ...

    Far too little justice with ALL of the above, especially Williams who is the DEFINITION of scumbag.

    Not to mention this list of NFL transgressions since the start of 09. Pot busts and drunk and disorderly arrests not included...

    Cornell Green (aggravated battery with a deadly weapon)
    Vincent Jackson (DUI)
    Jonathan Vilma (wreckless driving)
    Leon Hall (DUI)
    David Macklin (DUI)
    Jamal Williams (DUI)
    Corey McIntyre (exposing himself)
    Anthony Mix (Sex with a minor)
    Brandon Walker (DUI)

    Oh and then there were the arrests in 2008... 58 just for the NFL.

    Fucking ridiculous.

  3. When does it end? It becomes ever more clear each day that money = innocence. The high powered lawyers simply find loopholes in the system that allow murderers to walk the streets. Its time the justice system stepped up and did something about this. Ditto the NFL. I know he was suspended indefinitely, and people will argue he has paid his debt to society and deserves the right to work. Well fine, go WORK for a living. Playing in the NFL is a fucking privelege.


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