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Monday, June 8, 2009

A Little Perspective

Sometimes we are so caught up in the media cult that we forget what is truly important ....

People have been so polarized with respect to American soldiers serving in Iraq that they have forgotten about the real reason for the international military presence in the Middle East - saving innocents from terrorist attacks by militants and restoring dignity to lives shattered by oppression .
There are thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan today attempting to protect the 95% of the populace who want peace and equality from the 5% who want nothing resembling the positive human experience . Alexandre Peloquin enlisted in the Canadian forces at just 18 because he had the dream of making a positive mark on the world with the strength and intelligence he was given . He volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan , helping to remove hundreds of explosive devices and doing his part to protect the innocent from harm . He did not complain , in fact he phoned his mother to thank her for permitting him to enlist and to serve . Despite coming from a province where the military is publicly derided , he saw an opportunity to help those weaker than himself and served with loyalty to his fellow man . At 9:20 this morning , it cost him his life . Alexandre Peloquin was only 20 years old , young enough to be the son of the average reader of this blog . He was a boy who lived and died as more of a man than a thousand of the so-called men who sit in offices and whine about the state of the world .

Thank you , young Sir , for your bravery and loyalty . Thank you for living and dying with your convictions and saving the lives of so many people you did not know but obviously loved . You are with God now , but those of us on Earth will never forget you . Merci Beaucoup Pélo .

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