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Monday, June 8, 2009

Put Your Money Where TMZ Isn't

Now , most of you may have heard me mention it , but there was a little TV show filmed in the microscopic town I went to high school in called Kung Fu - The Legend Continues , and David Carradine was the big star . We felt honoured by the presence of a man of his stature in our tiny community of 700 and were the most ardent fans you can imagine. He passed away under mysterious and creepy circumstances lately , and nobody is yet certain as to how or why , but , of course the lowest of the low are reporting their interpretations of David Carradine's life and death .

Apparently , some Thai shitrag posted photos that may well be staged of his body in a less-than-wholesome fashion and lowlives Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton have not only "reported" on it , but seem overjoyed with the opportunity to trash the reputation of someone they did not know .
First , TMZ reported a conversation Carradine had years ago about being suicidal in the past , something he let be known to the public more as a statement of his current spirtuality , something to offer hope . But , of course Weaselboy twisted it into something insidious despite the fact that they were told by Carradine's closest that he was anything but hopeless.
And then came the "photos" .
Yesterday , TMZ reported to have obtained a high-resolution photograph (from where , they did not mention) of his body hanging in a closet and gleefully claimed that it was an auto-erotica scenario while simultaneously claiming that he was bound in a defenseless fashion . They also make various other outrageous conclusions based on what they claim to have seen that I'm just not going to dignify .
Of course , Litterbox got wind of such things and stretched it to an insulting low that is even shocking for the most hardened Perez Hilton dot com reader . This is what he posted a couple of hours ago:

Caught In A Fishnet! Carradine Photo Reveals More On Late Actor's Sexual Festishes

Upon first glance, media outlets have reported that the image shows a lifeless Carradine hanging from the clothes bar in the closet with his hands and genitals bound - in what appears to be an "auto-erotica scenario."

There are also fishnets covering his body, a piece of red lingerie lying on the bed and what appears to be Carradine wearing a wig.

Major kink!

Now , kids , the only "source" Mario claims to report from is TMZ . Mario seems to get his jollies off of the mere suggestion of a peculiar circumstance and has apparently drawn some sort of bizarre conclusion that he is so much more proper than a highly spiritual father of 7 . Like Harvey Levin , he confusingly claims an auto-erotic situation while claiming that David Carradine was defenselessly bound . Is he fucking illiterate?!

Now , yesterday , Mario decried the publication as "awful" , but hours before made this callous remark:

"While there's nothing wrong with a little bondage in bed, the actor was found with a rope tied around his neck and another around his genitals, and that's playing with the wrong kind of fire. He also had his hands tied behind his back."

Seriously , what the hell is wrong with these two "men"?! Are they so devoid of self-awareness and empathy that they cannot leave well enough be without adding snide anecdotes ? That would be a resounding YES!!
I honestly hope people boycott Time warner and all of it's subsidiaries until they drop TMZ and Harvey Levin! HERE IS A LIST OF THEIR ASSETS This is where Scarez gets the vast majority of the "headlines" that he obfuscates for his benefit . Oh , and if you are even thinking of adding the Blogads network to your site , DON'T ! Mario is making hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their ads alone . Put your money where their mouths aren't - that's the only thing these creeps seem to understand.


  1. Sick, sick, sick. These parasites are the lowest bottom feeders that there are. Everyone needs to stop clicking on their websites and maybe this kind of filth mongering will stop. Great post!

  2. Wow I can't imagine how his family must feel with all the things being said. It'd hard enough they have to function w/o him, but then having to deal w/ all this bullshit after the fact is just sad.


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