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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cowardly Bastard Of The Year

Authoritarian abuse acts (fuck domestic violence. It implies a partner is a slave.) are an incredible problem. Spanning across every race and class, they make me want to knot the nuts of those who callously and selfishly abuse.

Now, household violence may reduce a victim's settlement because- get this- her previous abuse situations "toughened her up". 

According to the Courier-Mail

Diane Mangan, chief executive of the 24-hour helpline DV Connect, said the decision to reduce the payout because of the woman's predisposition to mental stress from previous domestic violence only served to "diminish" her traumatic experience.
"It's almost like saying the years that you have suffered at the hands of your husband don't count," she said.
The District Court in Brisbane was told that in 2006, the woman, 30, and her children were confronted by her husband, 36, who was wielding a knife.
A hostage situation developed and when police arrived, the couple's children were handed out of a window.
The husband then pushed his wife into a bedroom door, injuring her shoulder.

After later pleading guilty to deprivation of liberty and common assault charges, he was jailed for two years to be suspended after eight months.
His wife applied for criminal compensation and in a recent judgment was awarded $20,250.
Judge Richard Jones said unfortunately for the woman, the incident was one of a long history of domestic violence and that she had been "conditioned" to the violence by her husband.
He noted that the offences before him had pushed the woman over the edge.

Read more:

  Is anyone else a little pissed off at this precedent:? Does anyone else think that a man's previous criminal acts are not only not an absolution, but a pattern of dangerous behaviour? I'd make this bastard pay double. Fuck it, quadruple- double for the lady's suffering and double for fucking with the court. 

  Fuck you, cunt. Abuse a woman and use your prior cowardly actions as a defense. That's so punk God hasn't invented a part to be lopped off for a travesty this monumental. Fuck you. 

  And if anyone knows "Brisbane Woman", 30. Tell her. I'm sure we can come up with another $20, 000

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