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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WTBlue F*ck Of The Weak

   The head honchos of corporations are always looking to get the most work time out of each hour. I've worked 16 hours straight in order to satisfy a boss, but to still encounter scorn when asking for a raise.  All in all, it is the best employees who work hardest and smartest to the benefit of those slacking off, and when it comes to construction work, the hardest workers are women. 

  Companies really do try to combat slacking, but often times it is the ones who do their jobs best who pay the penalties. If you work on a desk, yo-yos may be caught with the latest in productivity software, but other infractions go unnoticed. I worked for years at a place where I was expected to forgo lunch breaks to compensate for elder, alcoholic coworkers. And some companies have gone so far as to police their lunch and coffee breaks. 

  Norway has the same issues as we do when it comes to laziness, but doesn't want their good workers penalized. As such, it has developed systems to ensure that all workers are earning their dollar. They have developed authoritarian standards to the point of requiring workers to punch out for restroom visits. One imagines that this could be an embarrassing bother if working through an intestinal issue. It has gotten to the point that two-thirds of managers require an employee to use their card to enter a rest facility. Roughly a third require a visitor sign-in log. 

  But the worst of all are companies that require menstruating women to wear red bracelets so they can use the loo when they wish. I am not joking. This is not in orthodox Jerusalem, but Oslo. Unions are justifiably complaining that marking women is a form of shame, and I dare agree. 

  Guys I've worked with know I work hard. They know that women have it tough enough as it is and if I say I'm getting a dude to cover, they aren't questioning. They're cool with not being totally filled in on the details and I'm comfy not wearing a fucking armband. I don't want to stereotype, but it's pretty clear that women are not in the majority of folks using rest stalls to care for -ahem- private needs best taken care of elsewhere. Red bands are a sign of embarrassment to women, and I certainly hope that North American companies do not adopt this draconian example of shaming women for their gender. 

  This is yet another reason why certain males are not born emotionally equipped to deal with uteruses.

Image courtesy of Vojinovic/AP

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