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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coffee With A Side Of Hate

Students in Springfield, Massachusetts are skipping school to hang out at a coffee house. While this phenomenon is not new, parents are concerned as the Holy Grounds Coffee Shop is run by Scott Lively, one of the men featured in this ABC News report.

While Mr. Lively denies he promotes hatred, he is the author of The Pink Swastika, a book that claims that the Nazi Party was a radical gay agenda. The shop doesn't charge students for beverages and allows them a safe haven that is naturally attracting young folks who should be in class. It is also located less than a block from a school, making it a magnet for kids.

The preacher claims that news reports are treating him unfairly and that his speeches to Ugandan parliament about the evil homosexual agenda and their criminalization is merely coincidental. As reported by the Republic, Mr. Lively stated that his shop doesn't promote hatred whilst comparing homosexuality to untreated alcoholism. “I love gay people,” Lively said. “I don’t want them to do what they’re doing. I view it like alcoholism ... a behavioral problem.” 

Mr. Lively is permitted to do as he wishes and to say what he wishes, however children are a particularly vulnerable audience and he know this. It is also the right of the media to tell the truth about Lively, a man cited by those who work to destroy human rights in America and beyond. Scott Lively may claim he doesn't preach hatred, but all one has to do is look at the website promoting his book to know that his claims are untrue. In conjunction, he makes money today peddling a book riddled with falsehoods and hateful diatribe, seeking to compare  current civil rights defenders to nazis. 

Scott Lively is not only a dangerous manipulator of Christian culture, but a liar. He is a man that promotes ideals absolutely inconsistent with not only liberty, but common sense. Don't let his biblical verses and meek demeanor fool you- he is a man who corrupts the morals of children in the name of God. As someone who has read his book, I know that his views are not godly, but those of a man who wants to play God. 

To read The Pink Swastika, in entirety, click here 

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