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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just For Fun : The Fake Fake Butter Edition

  I live in a port area that is geographically closer to the U.S. than mainland Canada, and as such, come into contact with a lot of Engrish. While I try to buy local, a sure sign that we import a lot of things are the number of fantastic examples of mistranslation. Combine this with the fact that everyone likes to rip off famous brands and we wind up with products that make everyone laugh.

 My mum was out shopping and told me (whilst laughing) that she found some dandy fake fake butter she hadn't seen before. It's called I Can't Believe It's Almost Butter. I almost died. While I haven't tracked down this new funny knock-off yet, I'll be sure to post a photo when I find this new example of I can't believe it's not copyright infringement. 

  In the meantime, I'll give you my favourite knock-offs of the spread made infamous by Fabio's hair.

Vancouver, BC - Made extra-special by the spelling mistake.

Seattle, WA - I felt Yoda's presence in the Fred Meyer store.

It could be if it was contained elsewhere. - Washington

and you'd be horribly disappointed if you were in Dallas, Texas where this pound was sold.

Cheeky bastards shilling fake fake butter in London, UK

This example from London implies that folks are getting pissed off with the fake butter.

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