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Friday, January 14, 2011

Unholy Ground

  As I reported to you Tuesday, virulently homophobic The Pink Swastika author Scott Lively was being scrutinized for running a coffee house that caters to teens. Students were skipping class to hang out with Mr. Lively and manager Michael Free, with free beverages with a side of ultra-conservative Christianity. 

  It turns out that Michael Free's name is really Michael Frediani, who was arrested yesterday for failing to report as a sex offender. He is registered as a Level 2 sex offender in Massachusetts and Level 3 in New York, where he served 2 1/2 years in prison for raping an 11 year old girl. 

Pastor Lively stated that he was unaware that the man living above his coffee house and ministering to as many as 30 kids at once was either a sex offender or had been arrested for violating the terms of his release. Scott Lively told press that “a lot of Christians are former criminals.” and that he knew Frediani had a checkered past but still saw no need for a criminal record check. “That’s the beauty of the salvation of Christ,” Lively said. “When you come to Jesus Christ, and you accept his forgiveness for your sins, then you are forgiven by Him and enter a new life. It doesn’t surprise me that he had a rough past, that he has a criminal record.” 

Pastor Lively, still unconcerned, stated that he will consult his board as to whether to retain Mr. Frediani, whom uttered this chilling phrase when interviewed last week: “The presence of God is here right now. I invite God to touch them and he does."

Watch your kids. You have no idea who may be watching them.

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