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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just For Fun / Don't Miss This Link

Some of you interweb crawlers may have heard people going on about the Shorty awards, which are Twitter awards that I'll never win. The winners of the Shorties are mainly asskissers, sissies, and really unfunny comics; ergo things that are boring as hell.

Disillusioned and filled with ennui bored and looking for people to fuck with , Twitter resident casket dweller Morticia decided to come up with an even better set of social network awards called The Wenchies.

The basic rules are simple: You can vote for any Twit in any category by usename. You cannot vote for Morticia or yourself. Your list must be signed with your Twitter handle. Again- no voting for Morticia. I don't know why, but don't question the rules or Morticia will eat your pancreas with porky beans and a crappy cabernet.

 - send your nominees to Winners will be announced January 23rd, 2011. No whining.

The Wenchy Categories (nominees can be wenches, bastards, or wenchy bastards)

1- Rudest Bastard
2- Most Likely to get arrested wearing crocs
3- Made me spew liquid out of my nose from laughter
4- Biggest instigator
5- Has used the word "fuck" as every part of speech
6- Person I would most like to get drunk with just to watch them puke
7- Most likely to secretly keep midgets in their closet
8- Biggest all around freak
9- Most likely to wake up with a g-string stuck in their teeth
10- Sickest Mind

Get voting, kids!

For a full set of rules, go here 

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