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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thought In My Head That Will Likely Send Me to Hell

  The Lourdes Grotto is where an illiterate peasant girl named Bernadette claimed to have seen the image of the Virgin Mary in one of the water rainbows in 1858. Naturally, the Catholic Church certified these visions as a true miracle and canonized the girl a sainte.

  The grotto is old and subject to humidity and the Earth's vibrations. thusly, chunks are falling off. Today begins a month-long construction effort to hammer in pins and put up nets for the safety of the 6 million people who pray at the well yearly. Concrete workers, like the fellow to your right are annoying worshipers by dangling precariously over the fenced-off grotto to earn a paycheck by installing the needed safety mechanisms. During the 9 hours per day that the brave folks are working, the faithful can still pray outside or watch the permanent webcam that is fixed on the site in case of any miracles.

But I dare to ask- if this place is so holy, why do people need to be protected from having their brains dashed out by falling rocks? Wouldn't this omnipotent God offer his most faithful protection from seismic doom?

Feel free to discuss this amongst yourselves.

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