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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Remotely Facebook-Related Post Of The Week

If you're like me, you know people who seem addicted to Facebook gaming. The person may bombard you with requests, resulting in serious annoyance. And chances are, you know someone who neglects parental responsibility to engage in gaming of some sort, Facebook or otherwise. And if you read this and aren't inspired to give that person a reality check afterward, you are no better than that individual.

Colorado officials indicted 34 year old Shannon Johnson for child abuse resulting in death. Her 13 month old baby drowned in the bathtub in September after mummy stupid left her seizure-prone lad in the tub and went into another room to play Cafe World on Facebook. She also played and chatted while junior was bathing and didn't check on him until he hadn't made a peep for over 10 minutes. When she finally did, he was face-down and making unusual gurgling sounds. With his brain deprived of oxygen, the boy suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

The mum admitted she had been playing on the interwebs and that she did it all of the time while her son bathed. Despite being warned by her own mother, the wee lad was left unattended because mummy weirdest was afraid her son would turn into a mummy's boy. 

I don't know about you, but I believe all one year olds have the express right to be mummy's boys. I also think that your child's well-being should be paramount over talking to your mates on Facebook. It's not like this daft woman is a teen mum- she's my age. And she doesn't even seem sorry for what she did. She's looking at up to 48 years and I sincerely hope she is found guilty and receives a severe penalty.

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