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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Origin Of Terror

This afternoon in Moscow, at least one person blew himself up in their largest airport. While the story is developing, at least 35 human beings of all ages are dead and more than 150 are wounded. It's  the kind of mass-murder that horrifies all civilized societies, but something anti-terror squads in the world's largest nation are constantly battling. 

  You see, they have Chechnya. The small plot of land in the Caucasus is a source of annoyance for Moscow. It's a place that welcomes bride kidnappings, honour murders, and the killings of non-muslims. Formerly a multi-cultural patch of the Caucasus, Chechnya has now become a wasteland . The problem with Chechnya is that Moscow cannot control it without abusing the populace, and Russia's honchos are bewildered by the people that refuse to be ruled. The Chechens don't feel that they should have to tolerate anyone who is not Muslim and this invites wealthy Muslims to the party. 

  The Chechens want their own homeland, and terroristic malcontents like Usama bin Laden get a rush out of causing fear and panic. Fundamentalists sense the desperation of people and begin indoctrinating  already depressed young folks with hate. Taking the most eliminationist passages from the Qu'ran , people begin to believe that they now have worth. The afterlife is romanticized- a shamed rape victim becomes a virgin at the right hand of God, a socially-awkward man a celebrated hero waited on by angels and virgins. The suicide hero image is everywhere: on billboards, framed above the mantle, but most of all in programming aimed at children as young as 3. The psychopaths who arm the suicide killer have no interest in seeing positivity amongst people because folks who love their lives aren't as willing to die. 

  So the hopeless victim of fundamentalism blows him or herself up, taking a few hundred infidels in the blast. The little children in Grozny see the family of the bomber showered with gifts, maybe a house for the widow and livestock or a car for the parents. There are celebrations with fireworks and gunshots, the finest tobaccos and pastries, talk of the bounties of Heaven. And little Ashkat sees this and thinks to himself " if I am noble enough for God, I too will be chosen to be a martyr." 

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