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Monday, January 24, 2011

What CAN You Do Today?

  Cancer is a disease that touches every family. Treatments can certainly be financially straining and physically exhausting. When fighting the disease, women with all varieties of cancer can become tremendously fatigued and home chores can be forgotten.

Enter Cleaning For A Reason, an uplifting group of cleaning partners that take care of the homes of women battling any type of cancer so they have one fewer worry. Serving all 50 states and most of Canada, this service rewards workers and recipients alike with more than just a maid, but a bond of friendship. I'm proud to support this cause because of the monumental good they do. And it's one you should support as well, and I'll tell you how in a few easy clicks.

First, search with Goodsearch and every time you cruise the web, this foundation scores donations. You can enter Cleaning For A Reason as the charity or- even better- download the toolbar and all searches earn money for this or any other worthwhile cause you choose. You search on the web anyways, why not help some awesome ladies at the same time? Go HERE to get started.

Secondly, to donate to the tax-exempt foundation or to review their financials, click HERE

Finally, if you know someone scrapping with this condition that could use the lift of a housekeeping visit or have any other queries, click the graphic below

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