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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Star Wars

  Have you ever dreamed of something that hasn't yet been developed? Dreams are the fuel not only for science fiction novels, but new technology. US Army Captain Jonathan Springer had a dream last year that his iPhone could help him on the battlefields of Afghanistan, and thanks to his hard work, it is becoming a reality.

  Tactical Nav, slated for release next month, helps soldiers map waypoints and convey the data to other troops. The incredibly accurate application, which cost Capt. Springer $26, 000 of his own money to develop, can also help direct artillery fire, call in helicopter support, and more. The app  may just give NATO the jump on nature, which has been favouring the Taliban. Think about it- all a soldier needs to do is photograph a target and merge it with the already built-in GPS and your ass is no longer grass.

  With technology like this, hopefully our kids can get out of there within the next decade without women losing all of their rights again.

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