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Friday, September 25, 2009


This man is Patrice Brisebois and he just retired from pro hockey to be a race car driver and I wish him all the luck in the world .
This dude had the roughest unjustified fan ride in ANY sport EVER . He came into Montreal after they gave Larry Robinson away to the Kings and the fans were fucking pissed . They transferred their hatred to the then 20 year-old D-Man and rode him for not being the Bird and for being just too good looking . They never stopped with the hate storm and for the majority of this dude's career he feared for his safety in public - For well over a decade .
The man is an impeccable example of grace on and off the ice , selflessly donating every free moment to helping those less fortunate than himself .
He finally discovered a new sport where he won't hear the jeers and retired with the team he worshipped as a boy .
Last night he took to the arena for one last time to receive recognition for his off-ice amazingness and was given something surprising from the Habs faithful .

A 3 minute standing ovation .


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