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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paedophile Polanski - Time to Pay Up

I've been ripping on Roman Polanski for an eternity because he is a sick fucker who has been coddled and protected by Hollywood's darlings despite the fact that he is the WORST .

For those of you who don't recall , this stain on humanity drugged and raped in every depraved way possible , a 13 year-old child back in the 1970's . He got the Hollywood sweetheart deal and pled guilty to a miniscule charge , but instead of manning up and doing his year (instead of the life sentence that you or I would have received) , he took off like the little coward that all of these sick fucks are . Switzerland didn't entirely like the idea of a CONVICTED paedophile parading around like a king in their nation , so they arrested him . He's being held in a maximum security shithole worthy of the lowest of the low until he gets his escort back to the USA to face the sombre tune he created for himself .

Now , we KNOW that the whores in Hollyweird are gonna jump to this guy's defense , but WAIT JUST ONE FUCKING SECOND here . People jumped all over Michael Jackson for being ACCUSED of perversity , but this sicko was CONVICTED . People glom over him for escaping the Nazis , yet he seems to have compassion for nobody but his sick self . He has long been known for making degarding comments about women and anyone that just makes his Napoleon Complex feel threatened . He's a proud pervert , admitting to everyone within earshot of his views that ALL men desire young girls . He proudly proclaims his deflowering of 15 year-old Nastassja Kinski and paraded around dozens of his conquests in Europe , some even younger than his child victim while proclaiming to the world his love of "very young girls" (his words , not mine). He openly abused Sharon Tate and was off doing drugs with perverted Sheiks and fucking little girls when she was butchered .
Yet people line up to star in his films with the explicit KNOWLEDGE that this is the kind of guy they are in the employ of . They are all complicit in the artificial elevation of a "man" who has violated children for over 50 years . He's a charismatic genius in the vein of Ted Bundy that , instead of killing people outright , murders their spirits wholesale . He is a psychopath that deserves to be punished and I wouldn't be shocked if more babies he raped come out of the woodwork .

I'm not optimistic but still pray that the Feds tack an Unlawful Flight charge onto this unrepentant shit .

Remind yourself when pulling your daughter away from that creepy old sex con that Roman Polanski is one of them .

"Even at school I had penchant for younger women. My friends thought I was silly…But I always liked them young, romantic and innocent." : Roman Polanski , 2003


  1. He's a typical "Chester", not man enough to handle a real woman, so he has to force his vulgarity on innocent children. Fuck the HollyWIERD machine that protects and defends it's criminal element ie: O.J Simpson,Robert Blake,etc... How ironic his "Lifetime achievement" award included his arrest for his lifetime of epic UNDER achievement.Fuck the perv. Hey Bubba.

  2. It has taken way too long. He has been free for way too long. the system has failed AGAIN

  3. what I don't get is he can stillbe charged after 31 yrs, but the asshats that kidnapped the 11 yr old and held her captive for 18 yrs can't be charged with the sexual assault..I read that the statute of limitations had run out. I don't get that. People who hurt children in any way should be lucky enough to elude charges due to a lapsed statute of's bullshit

  4. Actually , fire , since the crime was continuous , they can be charged as such . It's safe to say that the Garrido fucknuts will be in some form of incarceration for the remainder of their miserable lives.
    Polanski was convicted and then ran , there is no limitation there .
    Hopefully , all of these scumbags get what they deserve - a damn long time behind bars.

  5. Lass, he pleaded GUILTY to it then fled the U.S. He is not just now being charged.

  6. Yeah, one of the Officers at work explained it to me..he fled after conviction. I honestly didn't realize that. I'm just glad they got him...and can you believe the International outcry against him having been arrested? It's like because he makes movies he can rape little girls...ugh I hate people sometimes. Okay, I hate them alot of the time,lol.


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