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Friday, September 25, 2009

Super Kid

This adorable micro is Kate Dou and she's just 21 months old . she seems like your average kid , full of life and waiting to explore the world .
But she is far more than that - she's Canada's smallest superhero .

All was well and normal last Sunday until her little ears heard a noise coming from the apartment below and decided to go into her parents room and scream the noise at mum and pop and wouldn't stop unitl her folks woke up. Her parents thought it was weird and decided to check it out .
As it turns out , they live in a building where alarms aren't centrally-wired and the guy below them was nearly dead from smoke inhalation and the smoke was spreading to the rest of the floor .

At least one person is alive because of this amazingly perceptive kid's actions . She likely saved an entire bulding from burning due to that innate ability kids have to sense something is strange . And kudos to mum and dad for not being pissed off and telling their kid to go back to bed like many parents would .

Listen to your kids .

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