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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Truth Is Funnier Than Fiction : The Republican Likes It Rough Edition

Republican Congress twit Mike Duvall apparently likes to get groovy with the ladies . The catch is , he's married , and the mamas are married lobbyists . This is too beautiful ! This dude is a known "family rights" Christian wingnut who votes against the homosex , but sees nothing wrong with spanking the lobbyist whores . Hey , it's easy to cum to the same cuntclusion when you're selling your state down the road .
And everyone KNOWS that it's not cheating when you are fucking your way to the top . And men are powerless against nerds in skirts who like a lil bum action - so am I , which is why I'm not a Republican politician .

This is a win and a fail all rolled into one creepy package.

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