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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scumbag Of A Lifetime #2

This is Nancy Garrido and she is a paedophile , rapist , and possibly even a murderess . I know i'm going to get a litany of flack from you bleeding hearts out there , but I don't really give a damn , and here's why.

This wench was 25 when she met and married incarcerated pervert Phil . She explicitly KNEW what she was getting into with this arrangement . She essentially admits to kidnapping an 11 year-old innocent but pulls the gender card out so she can feign a "not guilty" plea . And people are buying it .

We live in a twisted , sexist society that continues to believe that women cannot be capable of such horrors , but if the Karla Holmolka case is in your memory , you would recall that not only did she facilitate her old man in kidnapping victims , she raped them herself . She is a pervert who needed a strong man in Bernardo , and they were a match made in the pits of hell . She used the gender card to weasel herself down to a paltry 12-year term , and she is laughing at us right now , with a new identity and the freedom to continue in her shameless depravity . And , I for one belive that Nancy Garrido is no different . She sought out her strong man and found him and she will most likely get a comparative slap on the wrist because we cannot fathom that a woman could possibly be responsible for her own actions .

Let's call a spade a fucking spade here - if you help pick out child victims for your husband's grotesque pleasures based on their appearance , that makes you a paedophile , nothing less . While it's not certain whether or not she physically participated in the rapes of innocents , she did arrange for the conditions for these crimes to occur and delivered the products of these vile acts and thusly , she is also a rapist . And if anyone dies as a result of her and her husband's abusive intentions , it makes her a murderess.

For a woman to intentionally harm women and children beyond repair and then claim to be a victim takes balls . Let's not let our own preconceptions let the vilest of criminals out to find a new strong man or commit solo shitheadery .

Nancy Garrido is a selfish bitch who should never again have a positive human experience .

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