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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I'm watching this glorious match on the tube right now . Jimmy Connors as the aging star versus Aaron Krickstein , the owner of tennis' second-best mullet.

In today's stage-parenting world , the working-class hero has vanished from tennis . The williams sisters are likely the last and , like Jimmy , you can sense the intensity and gratitude in every point .It's an amazing paradox that the greatest black players since (the greatest player ever) Althea Gibson are the last of a dying breed of cats who truly deserve to grunt .

But , enjoy some classic Jimmy Connors . Hey , the man is only 57 and could easily scare the country club sissies of today off of the court should he mount a comeback.

This granddaddy still packed stadiums to beat on young fellas for charity , but I want to see him back at Centre Court.

The ATP needs a serious seniors tour and this is why.

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