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Monday, September 7, 2009

The SHAPE of Things To Come

I haven't bought this cereal in a very long time , but my mother insisted , so it was my breakfast . While reading the cereal box I noticed that there is an internet voting campaign and people are heated about it . The focus - whether Shreddies should be diamond or square . Nothing else , no new flavour or anything , no frosting like they have in England , a simple and probably accidental 45 degree rotation of the weaves. I checked the grocery stores and in every one of them the Diamond Shreddies are more expensive than the ones in my bowl . What a marketing gimmick gone horribly genius!
When Post/Nabisco came out with this product , they advertised a "delicious new diamond shape." Okay , Nabisco , the only way a SHAPE can be POSSIBLY delicious is if we're talking Vida Guerra or Helena Bonham Carter and I see ZERO luscious ladies anywhere in the weaves .
This is ridiculous and people are lining up to buy more pre-packaged bullshit .

I'm off to look up stills from Planet Of The Apes and phone my therapist.


  1. LMFAO..diamond shapes. some moron will spoon them at the said 45 degree angle and call the company to complain they are still square...hahaha

  2. LMFAO at 'I'm off to look up stills from Planet Of the Apes and phone my therapist' LOLOLOLOL


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