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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Requested Reprint Blog : Michael Phelps

Monday, February 02, 2009
Phelps and whatnot

Seems that the moral police over at CNN and Fox News are all up in arms about the "aberrant" behaviour of Michael Phelps . Seems that the kid has been caught passed out drunk and smoking a (very nice) bong. They are questioning all sorts of things about a normal kid doing dumb kid shit . Now if it was a Canadian (like Ross Rebagliatti) caught in the vicinity of cannabis or a European (like the English Winter Olympic team ) passed out drunk ,it is excused . In fact , Ross became a millionaire from the publicity and had his mug on the cereal box AFTER the Fox News created "scandal" . (Mind you , cereal may be THE preeminent stoner food) Come on people , who died and made CNN the great moral authority of the Western Hemisphere? There is this monstrous headline questioning whether or not Phelps is "An American Hero". Now when I think of a Hero , I think of Police Officers , Firefighters , Peacekeepers (oops , those are Canadian) , Pilots , etc. Now if Phelps uses his superhuman gift to jump into a roaring current to save a toddler , then he's a hero. Otherwise , he's a kid with a great talent who should be able to do the same dumb shit and follow his own learning curve without undue scrutiny . He's not getting women knocked up all over the place , he's not running a dogfighting ring , or doing anything more offensive than maybe attempting to fondue a Cheeto. (don't ask)If you are looking for someone to blame for your kid being a stoner , look at their friends and your own neglect and/or naivite . Michael Phelps is just the latest in a long line of people made scapegoats by a generation of sissy parents too egotistical to take the time out of their important lives to properly care for their offspring .

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