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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tila Tequila : Gaybashing For Sale

For most gay people , there are a lot of struggles that go on with the whole process of coming out . Being disowned by family and friends , getting fired , and getting shit-kicked by random people is frequently part of it . Even the most understanding people would rather their kids grow up hetero simply because nobody wants hardships for their kin . And in our male-dominated society , gay women are frequently assaulted for the way they are born . At the very least , a lifetime full of sexist comments like "who "turned" you?" or "you just haven't met the right bloke" will follow .

Tila "Tequila" Nguyen's latest statement just reinforces the crap that a lot of the world believes , that one bad dude is all it takes to "turn" someone gay . Whether her "bisexual" famewhoredom is a cover for her being straight or gay is something that only she knows for herself , but either way , she has managed to further misunderstanding and hatred by stating that orientation is mutable .

She has used her "orientation" as the selling point for a career based on an inaccurate male fantasy . She has sold real gay people down the river for her chance at fame . It's all a big game in the land of the rich and famous where nobody gets hurt for the way they are born and misguided kids are eating it up . People like her and Lady (?) RagRag have used the "bisexual" tag not to further discussion and understanding , as David Bowie did , but to pander to the lowest common denominator to make bank , trivializing the bravery of those before them . Anyone who thinks that either of these twits is a friend of the gay community is sorely mistaken .

With "friends" like these two prostitutes , we don't need skinheads .


  1. Is she fucking kidding??? I was an abused woman years ago, but i was not "beaten gay". That is a slap in the face to every gay woman out there that has had to endure ridicule from an abundance of ignorant sources.She is NOT a lesbian, she is a nympho that has just decided this is her month for women victims. ('s hard to put a foot in a closed mouth.)

  2. I am so glad to see a guy say some of the same things I always say or just think for fear of rejection. I get the 'you just ain't met the right guy yet' <-- not so subtly referring to how he will, in his mind, be this elusive agent of lesbian conversion. The convo usually gets touchy when i, as i always do, reply 'maybe YOU haven't met the right guy yet!' Apparently these types can't wrap their brains around the concept that, just as they wouldn't like some dude trying to 'convert' themselves w/ the 'right guy', I DON'T EITHER. I could type out the excruciatingly endless conversation cycle that follows but I feel your readers either have already heard it themselves or they are clever enough to figure it out. But most importantly, my cellphone is giving out because I made the brilliant decision to type this comment using it. :-S
    (Spellchecking isn't going to happen right now. I've made peace w/ any errors in advance) ;)

  3. hahaha ... I've made the "maybe YOU haven't met the right dude" comment before , actually within the last week . Cheers!


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