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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Giant Killer

The U.S. and Canadian national women's hockey teams receive millions in funding along with the best schools , sports medicine and coaching to keep atop the game . And then there is Finland - a small country with less than 5000 total female hockey players and a less than spectacular fanbase . But they have Noora Raty .

Yesterday , the defending world champs thought they had an easy one . They were leading 2-0 after the first and thought themselves unstoppable . And then Noora Raty closed the door .

....49 TIMES ....

The big Americans tried crashing down on the skinny 5'4" kid but she kept the players as well as the pucks out of the net , the normally low-scoring Finns got inspired by all of this and erased the lead . And then took it.
Try as they might , the Stars and Stripes could not solve the kid who might just grow up to be the greatest of all .

Noora Raty has been awarded a position with a top-tier university with a free education and I cannot think of anyone in the sports world more deserving .

Heart . It's the intangible factor that creates miracles on and off the ice .

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