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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction : Perez Strikes Again

We all know what a self-obsessed twit Perez Hilton is , and here's a few reasons from the first show on his concert tour that didn't get cancelled for lack of ticket sales . (I'm not kidding , the Vancouver show was given the boot after only 12 advance tix were sold)
Ignore the warning from me being lazy and not registering the program - READ ....

Your eyes are not deceiving you - Scuzzez is promoting binge drinking , the very foundation of alcoholism .

And since most of the people who actually show up for these things are TEENS , he tells THEM to get tanked too ! And then his band basically invites an orgy .

I don't have to invent reasons to hate this shitstain - he provides endless ammunition .

Once again , he proves that he is a threat to society . It's not simply his words anymore , it is his actions .

I hope that the parents of every kid who gets alcohol poisoning at his events sue his ass . Hopefully someone gets his dog in the settlement - no animal deserves to be the plaything of this sick fuck .

Thanks go out to Jay Link for alerting me to this latest display of crapulence.


  1. Oh man, Perez is such a waste of human life. I really want him to just disappear. grrrrrr

  2. Of course he wants the kids drunk, no one who is sober could possibly stand his repungent ass.The man needs years of therapy do figure out why he chooses to live in self destruct mode, and now encourages innocent under agers to act in the same manner.I have to have faith, that one day soon, this man will fall off the radar and his 15 minutes will habe finally expired. Good riddance in advance.

  3. Fucking hate his dumb ass....seriously!


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