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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear : The GAP

I really love the fit of your denim . You see I am afflicted with very long legs and most jeans are either 8 sizes too large or slide down my ass , but not yours . I love how those 7 extra-longs fit me and make me feel like I have the greatest ass on the planet , but I have an issue that I am unable to ignore . That is your endorsement and promotion of Perez Hilton's CocoPerez website . Not only are you a sponsor , you are the presenting , founding endorser of the website that just sugar-coats his judgments on others . He ridicules innate traits of children and dances on the graves of the dead . He is nobody's friend - he'll even ridicule people wearing your brand if he thinks it will get him publicity , and it's not fair to you , your models , or your consumers , most of whom would be repulsed by this association . I mean , if you are SO proud , post headers in your stores of him dressed like this

and see how many people leave in disgust never to return .

He is not an asset to your marque , and while I will miss you , I just cannot support a business that fuels the hatred that The GAP and your subsidiaries have campaigned against . Thusly , until this repulsive arrangement is severed , you will not see me anywhere in the vicinity of a GAP , Old Navy , or Banana Republic store .

Thank You ;



  1. Well, this is a non issue for me because the gap jeans never have fit my figure right. I have never and never will wear them. This perez idiot gets too much attention. If more people were like me and just didn't care, NOONE would know who he is.FACT!

  2. As usual, great post. He is disgusting and I would boycott anyone or any business that endorses him in any way...FACT

  3. Is that fool wearing a shower cap?! WTF??! As for the Gap, I also will not spend my hard earned money there or their affiliates. There are plenty of other stores who will be getting my business.

  4. icky. i hate him i can say that i know. he needs beat again i think his face looked better like that.

  5. well he most be stop because he only talk trash about other people life and not even have any regrets of the pain he do to others


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