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Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Some overly forgiving people in Kentucky want to give not only a second chance to a child rapist , but ordain him and I'm just not cool with this .
This fuckhead admits that he likes little kids and should be policed when around them yet people in his congregation seem to think he is fit for service . I'm fucking confused here .

Every interview I've seen with the dude he's going on about the rehab programs he's been in but he never mentions the FACT that he probably destroyed at least one kid's life . He doesn't even seem sorry for what he did . Yet people are lining up to praise this "changed" man - this "Christian" man .Oh , and as a kicker , his boss compares Hourigan to Christ . EEE FUCKING GAHD!

You don't see Jews up to kiss the ass of sick fucks like Mark Hourigan , nor Muslims , nor ANYONE . this is a distinctly Christian phenomenon , and this dude's not the first . They must be getting desperate .

I'd like to believe that people are capable of immense change , but baby bangers have a shitty track record . The recidivism rate is far too high and this stain has only been out of jail for a few years . Plus , you have to put your whole being into a change instead of going through the bullshit offender programs , and this dude truly seems cold , almost soulless . Oh , and this dude is on the LIFETIME shit list so it's not like he could go do all that out of state evangelical shit that Pentecostals do .

So , for all you folks who believe in that whole repenting thing I have one question...

Would you trust this guy around YOUR kid ?


  1. *sigh* this actually makes me sad here. I do not at all agree with the system they have with sex offenders. It needs to be closely looked at. It's bullshit and THIS STORY well i'm discusted and horrified. I have 2 children as you know and NO i would not trust this man as far as i can spit. This country has so many problems...

  2. Oh and I'm not even going to start on Christians.

  3. It just highlights the problem with so many Christians who refuse to take personal responsibility and instead "turn it all over to God".I suppose it will be satan's fault if he relapses and rapes another child.


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