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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The NFL is Not Dead

.and guys like Larry Fitzgerald are why . This guy WORKED his way into college through high grades when he really didn't have to . Mum and pop both had decent enough jobs and he was always a gifted athlete . Sure enough , he had a bit of drama that has long been dismissed like most Pros , but unlike them , he's not bitter in any way . Instead he dedicated his life to helping those without his blessings and it really shows . His dear mother was involved in causes throughout her life until cancer took her from the Earth , so it's pretty obvious that he donates vast amounts of time and personal wealth to the fight against the disease . But , moreover , he feels that his gifts are a blessing from God that he can use to help all sorts of people . He's well-read , well-spoken , and the kind of guy that gives us all faith that the NFL is not just a bastion of hoodrats with good genes .
Larry Fitzegerald GETS IT . His internet communications are not trash talk , but direct communications with youth to work hard and be decent and wholesome . He always shows up for work in a positive mental state and it SHOWS .

Get on the bandwagon .

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