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Monday, September 7, 2009

WTBlue Fuck Of The Weak

This is Jake Raynard and he's in a Canadian hospital awaiting reconstructive surgery for the 15 major fractures to his face .. that's not a typo , kids , this man had his entire face broken . What , dare you say , was this man's crime ? The dude was smoking a cigarette outside of a bar . When Raynard and his buddy tried to walk away from what they thought was an overly aggressive panhandler , 8 dudes waiting in the wings beat this man down . Now he tried to fight back , but there is no way that he was any match for 8 peckerwoods intent on beating down a homo for kicks. This attack was premeditated by a bunch of closet wankers for no other reason than hatred . They were waiting for someone to come out of that bar so they could prove how "manly" they were by frogstomping another human being .
If this can happen in Canada , it can and does happen all over the world .

When are people just gonna stop using hatred as justification for the inexcusable ?


  1. it's hard to believe that some people feel they have the right to do something as horrific as this. It does however go hand in hand with violence against people, be it women, men homosexuals etc.. I have said it a hundred times, keep your fucking hands to yourselves! I hope they find the simple minded pussys that did this to this poor guy,and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  2. This makes me very sad...not sure anything else could convey how this makes me feel.


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