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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rabbinical FAIL

You KNOW who one of these men is , and I'm going to tell you who the other fellow is .

his name is Shumley Boteach and he's a Celebrity Rabbi . In other words he's an overly ambitious self-centred man who earns a lavish lifestyle whilst giving discredit to his holy profession . He makes Rabbis , and by extension all Jews , look like backstabbing weasels .

You see , Rabbi Shumley used to be a pretty nice dude until the fame bug bit him , and people really wanted to hang with this young , hip , spiritual dude , and the rich and talented were no exception . While it may have been surprising to some , the Reb and Michael Jackson became close friends . They were buddies and their wives and kids were even close ...and then came those nasty allegations . Rabbi Shmuley claims he knows Mikey wasn't a pervert , but still got the fuck out of Dodge before the claims against his so-called #1 buddy could alter Reb's rising star .

That's right kids , in an effort to become more famous , Rabbi Shmuley dumped his best buddy and like good subservient Frummies , his wife and older kids had to follow suit. Now I don't know where you come from , but where I do , this is scummy . Friends are supposed to stand by their closest friends when they are hurting .

After Michael Jackson's death , Rabbi Shmuley wrote numerous articles praising his buddy's humanity on one hand and unleashing an angry tirade on the other to reviews and publicity . And to add insult to his pal's memory , he's now publishing a book based on recorded conversations he had with his former friend that anyone with half a brain knows were supposed to be confidential . And he's already begun releasing the "juiciest" parts of the tapes as spoilers to the hungry media in an effort to sell his book and make more millions .

Regardless of whether he was a counsellor , friend , or both , this is douchebaggery at it's most horrifying low . This serves no other purpose than to capitalize on further smearing the reputation of a dead man , one who did NOTHING WRONG to Mr Boteach . All this does is feed into the salacious media shithole , something every Rabbi I have ever met would find abhorrent. People are supposed to be able to trust those that are higher on the spiritual plain . What would happen if ALL Priests , Rabbis , Imams and Gurus began publishing the confidential , and often emotional exchanges of those who look to them for guidance?
It would be pandemonium! NOBODY would trust ANYBODY!

Good thing that there are people who take their gifts more seriously than Scumbag Shumley .

"How could you betray what we tried so hard to build? " Famewhore Boteach AFTER the death of Michael Jackson


  1. It boggles my mind that people would still want to associate with this asshat after this. I think the sanctity of conversations with one's spiritual advisor, for lack of a better term, should be as respected and legally binding/protected as that of legal counsel.
    The fact that this "Rabbi" would betray that confidence and in such a public manner is appalling and should deter any and every one from seeking his counsel.
    To me this isn't whether he stood in support of his friend during those dark times, but rather that he is choosing to betray the trust that friend had in him. It's disgraceful, and nothing less than what I would expect from any of the sycophants that MJ surrounded himself with..I wonder if he ever had a real friend in his life...sad.

  2. Under any other circumstances, I would agree with everything you've written. But I must say, I watched a program Friday night,with this Rabbi,and got to actually see several of these taped interviews...I heard Michael Jackson say directly into the camera "This is going to be in the book, right?" They must have had an agreement that a book referring to the interviews could have become a distinct possibility.
    If I hadn't heard that come directly out of MJ's mouth, as I said, I would totally agree w/ you...If you have a chance to watch these interviews, please do and see if you hear what I heard...Kibbles

  3. In some of the "good stuff" , MJ is not aware of being taped . He is also clearly under the influence of the drugs that killed him and for all we know , may have been sarcastic. Either way , the Rabbi and Michael Jackson parted ways almost a decade ago and if you look into The Rabbi , you will notice that this is only being done in order to gain fame . It has no spiritual purpose and is intended to be a cash grab based on someone's demise . He has also released his "accounts" of conversations very clearly intended to be of a confidential nature .
    If this was all part of something consentual , the book would have come out while the man in question was still alive . Even using the slight possibility that there was ever a consent , it can and certainly was revoked when Shmuley became Frienemy #1 .
    As addicted as he was , michael Jackson was not that stupid.

  4. I also heard MJ say when speaking of Madonna, that he didn't like putting hos comments about her on tape. He clearly knew he was being taped and he wasn't dumb, what else would the purpose if a tape recorder play than to release in the future.


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