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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oh , Poutine!

In honour of Canada's birthday , I found a clip from the fine folks at the CBC about a distinctly Canadian dish - yes , boys and girls - POUTINE!!! It is now sold coast to coast , even in my local Pub ; a glorious mess of spuds , cheese curds and gravy with a liberal dousing of pepper , it is comfort food for young and old . I've enjoyed it after the pub in Quebec at 4 AM , in Toronto for lunch , and even at a Wendy's in Northern Ontario . Enjoy !


  1. Oh Yes POUTINE. I was born in Montreal, Quebec. I grew up eating poutine. YUMMY! If you ever get the chance to try an authentic bowl of poutine, go for it, savour it, get a second bowl if you can handle it. ENJOY

  2. They're even selling it in the US these days too ... yum.


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