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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blog On Demand : Bumb Darts

There is a "classic" game known in rural Canadian circles for generations that has become part of the party crowd.

The game is called "Bumb Darts" and it's pretty simple . It's a rudimentary version of beer bong with your ass as the paddle and a Loonie or beer cap as the ball .

Bumb (or simply Bum) Darts apparently originated amongst a bunch of bored hockey nuts in Manitoba in 1964 . The game , like most booze/frat party related games has a few universal rules and a great many more that may vary from city or college . The essentials involve placing some sort of "starting line " from whence the "player" must commence , preferably with ass hair in full view . It has been reported that waxing may be of a beneficial factor if using a shiny coin like a quarter by some competitive cats , although I'd never admit to being involved in such a "sport". One must take the object in ass cheeks to a cup or other vessel after the scoot and then drop it , trying in best ability to place the coin and no other "frienemies" in said vessel . The person with the most "bullseyes" (o.k , sidebar - why hasn't anyone called them browneyes yet) wins .

Varying prizes await the winner and the loser usually has to imbibe the questionable booze . EWWWWW I'm having a girlie moment here - if my brain is telling me correctly , the loser must "indulge" in every strain of Crypto , Hepatitis , and My-Mom-is-my-Grannitis known to man or beast . I'd personally rather lick the assholes of some hot but questionable models , oh wait , they might be part of it ..

Sign me up.

The video below is of several North Vancouver Ski Patrol Asses engaging in the pants-on version for posterity . Oh , and it's an actual sanctioned competition . This is Canad'as National pastime after hockey and lacrosse. (OK, I'm full of shit about the last sentence , but that's it.)

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