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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Final Act of Evil

This is David Dewees , or rather , it was before he became a self-inflicted pancake .

You see this stain on human remains was arrested for trying to lure little dudes over the internet all the while being a grade 10 teacher at a school I vividly remember and being a Christian camp counsellor . He was even working AT the camp when he did all of the horrible shit and got busted before he could actually molest the young fellows he was trying to get at . While I'm pretty sure that there will be victims to come out of the woodwork , they won't get the closure of witnessing him go to Kingston Pen for a very long time .

He killed himself by jumping in front of a MANNED Subway train in Toronto .

Now , before you rant on how he got his just desserts by being splattered , think of this - how the fuck must the conductor of that train FELT when he or she hit this dude NOT KNOWING HE WAS A PAEDOPHILE? That is gonna leave some scars . It is absolutely irrelevant whom the person is when you witness them die . It will wound your memories and haunt for a very long time and the hard-working TTC workers did not do anything to deserve that hurt .

If this selfish shit was going to bite the bullet , he should have done so in private , in a way that wouldn't hurt the souls of the TTC personnel and passengers . But , like most narcissists , he had to take his life in a way befitting his evil life .



  1. How sad it is for you that those who knew him overwhelmingly support him... and the likes of you who provide reason for his suicide, caught up in the sensationalist reporting that lynches selected victims to increase sales.

  2. Hey dipshit , little info. I actually know who the dude was and where he worked. I didn't publicize it because I figured his students had already been through enough.
    Also , if you were capable of reading clearly , you would get the fact that I was pissed at him for traumatizing a train full of INNOCENT people . I also know of an engineer who took his own life because of the guilt of squashing one of these fools on the tracks.
    Everyone has the right to a fair trial and Mr. Dewees had that chance. Regardless of whether or not he actually did the things he was accused of (for those of you who can ignore the MOUNTAIN of evidence) , he committed a massive assault on people who did not know him by taking his life in such a selfishly public manner.


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