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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Smell Of The Times

I was at the druggist hunting for shower stuff when I was faced with an overwhelming WALL of shampoos , conditioners , and things that are so beyond me. Tangle free, Normal , Dandruff , etc . I was incredibly confused nearly to the point of panic . They had no "Heeb Weave" shampoo - does this exist? If not , someone should invent it . They would make millions off of insecure people who possess hair that changes moods like your diabetic Bubby .
Anywho , I was scared off by the whole thing and decided to hunt down some body wash - Men's of course , since I have the illusion that it removes construction crap better . Plus , you won't induce sneezing fits in your coworkers . WIN .
Wandering through the vast array my eyeballs spotted THIS

This has to be the WORST idea for a men's product line EVER .

When I think of a "game day" , I envision big , burly football and hockey players getting really smelly , really quickly .
Game Day scent has to be a combination of mud , armpit , and that weird mould that grows underneath the 10-year-old pair of Douglas shoulder pads that your favourite Tackle or Defense man has nursed since college .

This is anti-advertising . People are going to psychosomatically smell Cooperall pant funk without so much as opening the cap to discover a scent that is more homoerotic than UFC Fight Night .

I bought Irish Spring instead .

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