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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stephen Harper : Singing Tool

Stephen Harper has become somewhat known for canning arts funding and then modifying the national tax structure to make it nearly impossible for tax breaks for those who fund them . So it came as a serious shock when the uber-Conservative hopped on stage to give a horrifying rendition of a fairly liberal Beatle's tune . The guy who is trying to push Canada's pot laws back to the 1950's is playing something largely known as a stoner anthem and it makes him seem like a complete moron . Yo-yo Ma seems horrified that he has to play in this tool's musical travesty . I mean , it's a wonderful distraction from the underfunded military kids being assasinated , selling the country to the Chinese , promoting the butchery of endangered bears by foreign dignitaries , and the fact we are looking at yet another non-confidence election , which I suppose is the point .

Harper has everyone talking about something absolutely irrelevant to the state of the Nation and we're all eating it up .

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I never expected him to do this, wow. He did a great job, though. Doesn't he want to stick to this instead of trying to lead Canada?



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