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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sometimes A Blog Is Not Just A Blog

  1 year ago , a passionate man decided to get some shit off of his chest , and like many of our generation , he took to blogging . He was a little green and wasn't sure how many folks would want to hear his mental nuggets , but decided that his opinion should be out there for SOMEONE to see . And to the shock of a few and delight of many , it blew up . To this date , over 500 THOUSAND people have lined up to laugh , cry , cheer , sympathize , pass judgment , catch the latest outrages , and be informed of the blessings that life can hold . All of those things are beautiful on their own , but the greatest gift that Shane has given is his SPIRIT . He has encouraged those far less vocal than him or I to let it all out , to find their passion , to spread their loves and hates , to be HEARD . I have had a front-row seat for all of the emotions generated from a WORLD of different souls that have been inspired by a MAN . A recovering asshole , proudest FATHER , loving son , Shane possesses commonalities to all of us and offers himself up to your cheers and jeers on a daily basis . Wander on over (it's in the sidebar) and challenge yourself .

There are a host of reasons why I am humbly GREATFUL to have the opportunity to enjoy your wonderful soul . I look forward to another year , and hopefully many , of your growth as a renewed man . I have a sense of how therapeautic and cathartic bearing your soul can truly be and am continually inspired by your inquisitive nature , strength , and will to become a better example than you feel you were before.
You are a blessing , my man.
Happy Rebirthday Buddy!
I KNOW you will celebrate wisely.


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  1. just want to say here on your blog how much I enjoy your blog and you Roof. You are a gifted writer and I think you're brilliant. Jst sayin and thank you. I'm so glad I know you.


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