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Monday, October 19, 2009


There are some people who are timeless . There are some people who are inspiring . And then there's Kitty Cohen . She is 97 years young and is an endurance walker who raises money for cancer research by engaging in the "Walk For The Cure" type of events . Last October she walked 60 kilometres over a weekend to raise funds and while young people were winded by the end , she DANCED across the finish line . She's now featured in an inspiring commercial for the heralded Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto and when I get the ad , I'll post it . But , for now , we have this amazing bubby doing what she loves to do - dancing! In this instance with Moti Kotzer's dancing mamas .

This beautiful woman is too incredible for words.


  1. yes i VOTE for this type of people n always get my inspiration and my reasons in such Great Patterns...

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Mika...I could use it!!


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