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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Humankind is Amazing

This awesome great-grandpapa is a war hero , an esteemed scholar , and proponent of mathematics and sciences . Willard Doyle grew up in a logging camp in Northern Quebec , joined the military where he piloted the famed Spitfires in World War II , and earned the PhD neccessary to become a Physics professor . He worked closely with the Apollo space program and invented the continuous ruby laser . His brain is far superior to yours and mine . He is a humanitarian and genius all rolled into one cool package .

And today , his bride of 62 years woke him up at his Halifax home with a surprise . This amazing man was awarded the Alfred Nobel Prize in Physics . His wife had to CONVINCE him that this was no joke .

This fellow essentially discovered the transmission of light in fiber-optics and invented the CCD sensor which transforms light into pixels . This device is the reason for the function of the Hubble Space Telescope and transmission of Mars Rover visuals , and that's epically awesome . We see the universe in an entirely different way due to all of the amazing discoveries and inventions that came from this man's intracranial drawing board .

And as it is fitting , the photograph used here was taken with his most popular invention .

The digital camera .

Speechless .

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