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Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Farce of Biblical Proportions - A Note to Kirk Cameron

Watch this video and listen very carefully to what is being said here by celebretard has-been Kirk Cameron . He and his pals have taken someone else's artistic work and bastardized it for the benefit of their Christian creationist cause because they are so threatened by a 150 year-old book that offered an alternative theory and that is plumb outrageous on it's own but well within their right to do . This alternative and it's adherents are so offensive to the Christian cause that they have no other alternative than to equate Darwin with Hitler , which is not only offensive , but erroneous . Everything in this vitriolic diatribe is rather refutable so just as Mr. Cameron dissected Darwin's work , I'm going to dissect everything in this video .

Here we go , Mr C.

Firstly , liberties are NOT G-d given - they were created by man which is why when we are in doubt people of free nations open their constitutions and not their King James Bibles . G-d did not make the United States superior to other nations . The founding fathers , many of whom were atheists , invented this theory .

Secondly , it is NOT illegal to pray in public and there are ZERO laws stating whether or not someone can carry ANY "Holy" book . In fact , it is a fairly common occurrence , people of many faiths do this and are not to be discriminated against for doing so . It's one of those liberties you hold so dear . As for the 10 Commandments , one can find them posted all over the place , from Billboard ads to Churches , and while it is true that fewer governmental organizations post them than in the 1950's , it is also true that still fewer posted them in the 1750's . In fact , in that precious Declaration of Independence , monarchs and other leaders in the "chosen by G-d" category are referred to as tyrants . The U.S.A. on paper is one of the most secular societies on Earth .

Next on , the Gideons . I remember being a confused kid forced to take one of their New Testaments as a kid despite it being contrary to everything I believe and feeling less-than because of it . Children aren't given copies of the Qu'ran , Torah , or Dianetics in public schools , so your book has to go too . I know it's horrifying , Mr . Cameron , but less than half of Americans are Protestant Christians , and the U.S. is a democratic nation . That being said , every hotel I have stayed in in recent years has had a copy of the Gideon Protestant tome in the desk , but adults are hardly your primary brainwashing target so you fail to mention this .

As for the religious persuasion of Science professors , I'm shocked that 39% of them actually believe in a higher entity since it seems contradictory to their subjects , but it's a free country . People are allowed to be as hypocritical as they want to be . However , if these profs were forcing their atheism or any other belief on their charges , there would be a public outrage! Glenn Beck would get on Fox "News" and have a public aneurysm . As for brainwashing , if a bunch of kids can overcome a lifetime of pseudo-religious preaching to come up with opinions of their own , all the power to them . You're just pissed because someone else could potentially be rebelling from your acceptible brand of mind-melting . Evolution is not a ridiculous , unproven , far-off concept to the majority of the world . Even my Rabbi believes in the creationist-evolutionary hybrid . The idea that a higher being can create something and watch it grow is not a ridiculous fantasy but can be substantiated by far more facts than the world appearing in 6 24-hour days and a virgin being raped by G-d to produce some magical space man .

And this Ray Comfort introduction is not only unneccesary artistic theft , but it's plain WRONG . Here's why .

Adolf Hitler was NOT a Darwinist . He was a Christian just like many people , including YOU Mr . Cameron . He viewed atheism as the most menacing part of Communism , and if atheists got too loud  they were persecuted like all other religious minoritites . Christians and Odinists were the only valid evolutionary types permitted in the Reich . And while Darwin's viewpoints might come across as a tad unusual in today's age , they were not out of step with the agnostic thinking of the time .

As for nothing creating something , isn't that what uber-Christians believe ? This mighty floating entity waved his magic wand and turned a black hole into the most magnificent place in the Universe just by wishing it so . It is this thinking that perpetutated the ridiculous theory that the Earth was the centre of the solar system for thousands of years . Even ancient primitives believed in the superiority of the Sun , hence why they prayed to and feared this cosmic being . THEY knew that the Sun was the be all and end all to the solar system , a fact that eluded Christians until SCIENCE proved it so . There are sects of Christians who still do not believe that the Sun is in the middle . Talk about stupid.

DNA is a pretty damning refutal of old-school creationism , as you can see it evolve under a microscope if you pay attention long enough . But as far as transitional forms , aren't all those fossils and Lucy and that 4 million year-old ancient hominid all transitional forms or am I just blinded by reality?

As for the accredited scientists , Albert Einstein was raised Jewish so he obviously did not believe in the Christian Gospel and while open-minded to the slight POSSIBILITY of a higher being was an atheist throughout most of his adult life . While Isaac Newton was remembered as a highly religious man , he had very controversial beliefs, refuting the literal translation of the Bible and the Christian Trinity , so he just won't do either . Mikolaj Kopernik (Copernicus) was a one-time Catholic cleric who did indeed have a difficult time reconciling his faith with all of the indisputable scientific facts he discovered and was one of the first prominent folks to embrace the hybrid scientific-religious theory . After all , he broadcast the knowledge of the sun being the cetre of the Solar System even though non-Christains had known about this since , well , forever . Francis Bacon was a serious Christian dude , however he was also a known paedophile and bisexual who made such horrifyingly anti-Semitic statements so frequently that he is held as a hero by Neo-Nazi organizations . Some message of love there Kirk . Pasteur seemed to be a good Catholic (sorry , bro , not a Protestant , he was French) who did nothing wrong other than stealing a few vaccine ideas and claiming to have invented the whole idea .

My intent here is not to slam the quoted scientists , but for you to know to do some actual research before heralding people of the past as perfect martyrs to your spiritual cause . Some of this information is even common knowledge or at the very least readily accessible to anyone who can bother to open a book .

And we will wander into censorship here . The thing is , you or anyone else is free to hand out religious-based drivel to anyone you want in public University spaces, ergo there is NO censorship PERIOD . What incenses people is not the usual Christian stuff we are used to, but the fraudulent implication of packing the Christ-God model into a book clearly not intended for the audience . You are allowed to state that you believe whatever you wish , but it really isn't correct . It is not correct to steal someone's artistic property and manipulate it en masse , let alone an historical document . The equivalent to this would be if I wrote a 50-page introduction to the King James Bible saying how horrifyingly wrong and shitty it is and handed it out at a Bible College . It's offensive and if you don't know it , you are an idiot or a liar or both . You have clearly stated that you want people to see both sides and make up their own minds and that it is an opportunity to spread the Gospel in the very same breath . That seems incredibly sneaky to me .

Mr. Cameron , I am not disputing your love of your religion or people in general , but your fanaticism and erroneous staements to further your faith . If people really desire a connection to a spiritual being , they will seek it . People of today are intelligent enough to smell a rat a mile away and messing with Darwin's literature will likely have the reverse reaction to the one you desire . People do not hate religion , or even religious people , but they do hate being lied to . This entire shameful facade calls your confidence in your faith into question and makes Christians look like weasels . People must be free to believe whatever gives them peace , and force-feeding bullshit to thousands of University students who are generally higher on the intellectual plane than you isn't the way . Didn't it take you until you were much older than these kids to find your way to the G-d of your choosing? This is exactly why Jews are never seen proselytizing - people find their way in the world and to G-d or away from it on their own . Spirituality is a very indiviual thing and prepackaged inflexible doctrine makes for a hateful , evil world full of wars and famines and all of the things that both of our faiths rally against .

Peace be with you ,

Mika Galipeau


  1. -hear hear. awesome, roof.


  2. Roof, You are so right. He twisted everything to manipulate people. YUCK! He has religious tunnel vision and has lost the ability to see clearly. Another one bites the dust. Great job on calling him on every bit of crap he tried to get by us. I really really wish he could read your comments.

  3.'re brilliant...have I told you lately that I love you? You make me think, and for that, I am eternally greatful to rock.. :o).......Kibbles


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