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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FOX Does NOT Rock

Fox Sports , like it's parent company , is not exactly the bastion of higher intelligence nor inclusivity , so it really shouldn't come as a shock when they include juvenile cartoons as part of their sports broadcasts .
Fine and dandy , go on and cater to the lowest common denominator , but including a slam on admitted non-athlete Jessica Simpson is a classless attempt at promotion , and Fox fucking KNOWS this . This spineless slam has no place during family entertainment and alienates half of the average family . It's also sponsored by BURGER KING - that's right , BK of the gut-rotting , aorta terrifying fame . I mean , dumb FAT jock wannabes should look in the fucking mirror. Most male football players and fans are grossly overweight - just look at the dietary choices endorsed by pro players and consumed by their fans . According to the NFL's OWN figures , over 50% of pros are obese. You don't see hockey players or hoops stars endorsing 3 patty burgers en masse . You just don't .
This all sends a confusing message to micromen that they can do what they wish , but women must be unhealthily thin to be valid . It's okay in the man's world to pick on mom or little sister for eating a burger when sonny boy can have a BK Stack . And if your girlfriend doesn't look a certain way , well your buddies have full license to rip on YOU for not keeping her "in line".

It's hypocritical , sexist , mean , uncreative garbage that is entirely unfunny and capitalizes on every boy's worst insecurities. It uses someone's fame as a starting point for ridicule . This is not satire , it's fucking stupid and crass.
And we expect nothing less from the network that employs such luminaries as Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly .

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