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Sunday, October 25, 2009

This Is NOT Fox News

Hockey is a fast and entertaining game with awesome fans and while it's not a Canadian invention , Canucks are certainly the Game's ambassadors . Large amounts of time and money have been spent to spread the word internationally with success . You'd think that Americans would jump all over the game and boost it like mad considering the fact that hockey used to be very big south of the 49th . But they haven't and I think I know one fundamental(ist) reason .

Don Cherry .

He's supposed to be a sports commentator but uses his taxpayer-paid position to talk about whatever hatred that this grandiose buzzkill wishes with relative impunity because he's some sort of "icon" to minimally literate hosers . If you or I spoute the racist filth , we'd get fired but if you're Don Cherry , you get a raise . He's a divisively racist sexist moron and Amerks look at HIM as a representation of typical Canada . He pisses and moans about "dirty Europeans" like a busted record when it's plain to see that he has to descend from immigrants . But , oh yeah , they're IRISH , which in Don's amoeba-sized brain means superior . He blathers continuous hatred for anything resembling fun - players smiling , celebrating or even scoring more goals than Don thinks is "proper" and "Canadian" will put you on Douchebag's shit list , especially if you come from Moscow or Helsinki . Tonight he went after Shane O'Brien for using an excercise bike to wind down after games because we all KNOW that only fags care about their health. He's even ripped on players who donate their time and money to environmental charities and LOVES to remind viewers of the glory of Baby Jesus . I'm not kidding. If you're not a drinking , fighting , soccer-hating , G-d fearing Christian you're not a real Canadian and just won't get it .

His "Coach" persona is highly inflated . When he coached in Colorado his players hated him and he even attacked one of his charges. He decided to buy a junior hockey team and then refused to employ ANY European player . The bigot got bit by karma as the team finished dead last in the league continuously and was the OHL's laughing stock . The season he did coach , his team only won 11 games.
But none of this really matters. There are oodles of shitty television personalities out there - Fox has made an existence out of employing wingnuts - and people can basically say whatever they want and be shitty role models if they choose . Privately owned networks have the freedom to employ any bigot they choose .

But the CBC is owned by the Canadian TAXPAYERS - that's right , it's a PUBCLICLY owned National entity and as such should not be paying someone to degrade their citizens . Americans look at this fuckhead and have negative opinions of a country and a sport . And not just that - Don and Ron are given (I'm not gonna call it "earning") enormous amounts of taxpayer money to irritate and alienate Canada as a whole .
Both of these bozos make more money than the CBC's head news anchor , and that's horrendous . These tools prattle for roughly 15 minutes a week and Mr. Mansbridge anchors the nightly news AND has another program on the network . I have absolutely ZERO problem with The Man getting $500,000 annually as he's the main dude and has been bringing the good and bad for decades . The honchos at CBC don't like the idea of Frick and Frack's salaries being published lest the taxpayers get pissed off at the $1.5 million wasted on these turds . TAXPAYERS SHOULD BE PISSED OFF! Our hard-earned dollars are being blown on an overly emotional neanderthal who has a difficult time forming coherent sentences and his wimpy , airheaded "straight man". Think of how many decent ambassadors to the game and country that could be hired for significantly less . They are vestiges of an era when the game was the winter occupation of illiterate construction workers . They are scaring off new fans  and shamelessly teaching children to hate . And Don , people aren't laughing WITH you .

Get these retreads off the air

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