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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Music's Feel-Good Story Is Just Beginning

Susan Boyle was a virtual unknown outside of her hometown before she shocked the PLANET by wailing like few people can on "Britain's Got Talent" . Naturally , people were pleasantly shocked by this not-so-pretty woman with the voice of an angel .
But what would those recording company snobs do with someone who isn't a size 4 flippant tart?
Women like Susan Boyle don't get recording contracts - they just DON'T .

Ms. Boyle has a new full-length album coming out on November 23rd that's primarily cover tunes , but the range is diverse . And it is going to sell BIG. If Amazon pre-sale numbers mean anything , Susan Boyle will outsell all of those Idol's Holiday albums COMBINED.

Susan Boyle will have the number 1 record on the Planet . People will line up for the next shipment like teens awaiting J.K. Rowling's (BTW , another working-class brit until she blew up) latest Potter tome . Men and women young and old will by this for themselves , for their mum , for the mailman! This will be the #1 holiday gift item . Susan Boyle will never have to worry about doing a crappy day job again and she deserves it.

Even she couldn't dream of this.

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  1. And like William Hung,will fade into obscurity tossed by the coatails of the next dripping soiled kitten that appears rescued by the hollywood spin machine.


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