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Monday, October 26, 2009


  There are debates raging about doctor-assisted suicide - usually the will of G-d argument versus the will of a terminally ill human - and I'm not always sure where I stand on this . As far as I'm concerned , it is the choice of a person to end his or her life and while I can't really think of circumstances that would cause me to want to do this , I don't believe that it is always selfish or easy to go before the plug is pulled . 

But this blog isn't about assisted suicide . It's about assisted self-harm .

Right now in a Western country like ours , a depressed kid is getting the go-ahead to cut himself in full view of nurses and it's a government provided service . This is so wrong on every imaginable level . According to the British Medical Service , cutters are being ALLOWED to destroy themselves in a hospital or psych ward and will be provided medical care and even the intruments to mutilate their bodies in an effort for "safer self-harm".  They even have "care plans" detailing the circumstances under which they are allowed to do this .

Isn't that a wee tad contradictory ? Aren't nurses and doctors out there to help people heal as opposed to permitting futherance of a symptom of serious mental disease? Shouldn't the answer be "NO you damaged child , there are ZERO instances with which you should be given the "opportunity" to destroy your body and cause mental anguish to your families!"? And , think about it - would YOU want to be the medical professional sworn to protect life and limb that has to supervise this tragedy?

Cutting is not the only way in which people harm their G-d given bodies -
should we stand aside , speechless while :

People drink themselves into comas?
Insecure teens starve themselves until they are skeletal?
Mothers smoke meth in order to escape their marital unhappiness?
Human beings take their own lives for no good reason?

Where is the line here? I'm confused about this whole disturbing circumstance .

Mental health problems are very real and enabling people to act out destructively is the antithesis to a real treatment plan.

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