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Saturday, October 31, 2009

More Infocrap Hideousness

I wear glasses and I've witnessed people wearing these fuckin Ovechkin hockey visor looking things and there is just NO WAY to look less than moronic in them . An old housemate of mine thought these things were awesome . Everyone else thought she looked handicapped .

This commercial cracks me up . The black dude seems to look the best in these things because he kinda looks like he might be into sports . And he still looks like a fucking dweeb . But the yenta cracks me up the most . I couldn't claim that I've mistaken 20 cents worth of low-grade plastic for Costas and keep a straight face. Yes , it's true , someone DID indeed design these , and I'm damn sure his name is not Oscar de la Renta .

These things are so hideous I wouldn't even regift them .

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