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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pickle Of The Week : Free Heroin

In Vancouver , the safe-injection sites have come under fire despite preventing numerous deaths from Heroin and Meth overdoses . The program will likely expand and there are those who are for and against the idea because drug possesion is technically illegal and that makes it a hot button issue . Addicts all over the Planet have been given narcotic Methadone "treatment" for eternities with varying but fairly low rates of success .
Since Methadone is an addictive opiate anyways , why not just give them Heroin instead??

Well , that's what the British Government is doing . That's right , kids - they are injecting hardcore addicts with uncut Smack for free in hopes of getting them off of the drug . While , I'll admit , the idea of not having junkies shitkick you for the $20 in your pocket might seem like a good idea , I'm not sure using taxpayer dollars to permit people to get high is the right way to go. Uberjunkies aren't gonna stop with just the Federally-injected fix , they'll want more and more . It's just a freebie for those folks. The program seems to have effect as a methadone substitute for people who want to do the taper-down quitting method , which seems fair enough . It's also cheaper than treating someone with advanced HIV disease on Disability or locking pathetic people in Prisons where they would be sure to be victimized. That being said , giving free dope to people who have no desire for recovery seems to be awarding bad behaviour and an admission of governmental defeat . The junkies are such chemically-induced scum that even the government is terrified of them . I think such an admission will undermine the view of law enforcement in public society , and nobody respects wimpy cops . I know that addiction is very real , but I have confused feelings about programs like this . Also , if Canada follows suit , will the Feds give out Crystal and Crack as well?

I have a lot of questions .

What's YOUR take?


  1. WOW an eye opening, thought provoking blog post - well done!

  2. That's some freaky reasoning on behalf of the powers that be. I suppose if I was a heroin addict I'd be happy as hell, If I was a tax payer..not so much. I know that wouldn't work in the states many rednecks would become addicts just to get something for "free" ie:Government cheese.

  3. wow...usage down 75% and street crime down over 50%!! almost seems to be win win


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