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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chew On This

Kids , this is Chew By Numbers , a Bubblegum "Art" kit similar to the 70's standby using chewed-up gum instead of paint . Apparently , using gum as an artistic medium came into the limelight around 10 years ago , but I think it's just fucking gross. There's even an advert on the website offering completed pieces for sale .

Who the FUCK wants to BUY someone's saliva-saturated cardboard creation ?!

The ready-to-play kits are directed at parents of young children under the guise of improved motor control , among other things . Thing is , if kids can stick their gum on a board , they are gonna think the wall , the table and little sister are fair game if they don't already . How can you give your kid shit for drawing an outline on the bathroom wall and sticking stuff to it if you're letting Little Johnny do it elsewhere?

Still , if this doesn't bother you too much , it's still saliva , and what if Little Johnny has a cold or rabies?

I overthink things sometimes.


  1. EW....and where can one purchase this for Christmas presents for all the kids who's parents I dislike?

  2. If chewed gum is art, then as a means to create revenue for the education system, why don't schools auction off all the desktops that students stick their gum under? Now that is truly authentic art! See...maybe some good could come of this disgustingness


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