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Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!

While the debate over whether or not legalizing gay marriage is a hot button issue in some parts of the West , people often draw comparisons to the pre-1967 anti-miscegenation laws . Those laws that affected the vast majority of States in the Nation , prohibited certain racial "classes" from marrying members of certain others as determined by the laws of each individual state. The overturning of such laws has been heralded as the indisputable argument that minority marriages won't end the World as we know it .

But what IF someone banned blacks and whites from becoming Mr. and Mrs. Tiger Woods ? If you think that's impossible , think again .

In Louisiana there is a Justice of the Peace named Keith Bardwell and he refuses marriage licenses to interracial couples . His Crow-era reasoning is the age-old "But what about the CHILDREN?!" argument . In Mr. Bardwell's narrow mind , marriage equals children and multiracial children will be rejected by all of society . But he's quick to point out that despite the fact that He "don't believe in mixing races that way" , Mr. Bardwell is NOT a racist and he pulls the old "but I have black friends" argument . This is bullshit spewed by typical bigots and variations of the statement are out there with references to some one's not-so-secret views of any particular group they don't really dig . People invoke the stupid verbiage with references to gays , women , and all kinds of minorities , and it is no less bigoted than saying "Heil Hitler!" . Mr. Bardwell has proudly refused to marry several couples and has no intentions of being inclusive because he is consumed by closeted hatred. Sugar-coated bullshit spewing Keith Bardwell is an unabashed bigot and he should be removed from public office .


  1. This guy makes me feel embarrassed to be from Louisiana. I personally think that mulit-racial children are some of the most beautiful children I have ever seen.

  2. husband is russian korean ..i'm pure ;)russian..but i never noticed that he is korean actually and yes our biracial child is so beautiful angel :)
    gay marriage cant be something under question !!!
    even a question about legalizing sounds so fucking's 21st century! how long people can wait????

  3. Wow. To say your embarrassed to be from somewhere because of one dick head's opinions is sad. Im from NC,USA, and everyone knows what great political personas we have. The fact that multi-racial children are "beautiful" has nada to do with it. If these kids were mud fence uggers, would their value as humans be lessened? Mr. Bardwell will have his own demons to reckon with, when he himself stands in judgement.Stepping out of my safety zone here ( I usually don't discuss religion) If his beliefs are based on biblical faith,than perhaps he should consider that the bible was written & interpreted by man. He is wrong. Period. To deny marriage between any loving couple is WRONG. Black, White, Gay, whatever. The one saving grace here is that if people know this bigot will deny them, all they have to do is go to another justice. Mr. Bardwell is one man with a screwed up way of looking at people.Do not empower him by acting like his train of thought is even close to valid. Sadly their are bigots of his magnitude EVERY WHERE, it was just time for HIS 15 minutes.


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